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Welcome Back - A Few Things You Need to Know

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Welcome Back - A Few Things You Need to Know
by Varsha Kamat - Monday, January 7, 2019, 11:24 AM

Dear APS Learners,

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed the holiday season. Term 1 2019 opens at 12:00 noon today, January 7, 2019. 

We are experiencing a technical issue, that we hope to have resolved soon but when you first access your dashboard, you may see courses from last term. 

The dashboard should be empty at the start of the term, so please disregard these courses. They will not launch and we are working with the vendor to remove them.

To take any course in the Academy, at the start of a new term you need to Register. To do this, click the Register for Course button and add the course or courses you want to the Shopping Cart. 

For more instruction on using the dashboard and shopping cart, go to the APS User Guide:

For other questions, please look first at the Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are still having technical issues, send email to our User Support Specialist at: 

Please look for our newest Elective, Self Care for the Peer Supporter. 

Also, be aware that one of our core courses, The Historical Roots of the Peer Support Movement, has been substantially revised and it is currently out for review. We expect it to be open next week.

Thank you and good luck with your coursework!

The APS Technical Team