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History Course is now open

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History Course is now open
by Varsha Kamat - Wednesday, January 23, 2019, 11:52 AM

Dear Academy Participants,

The Historical Roots of the Peer Support Movement course is now open. We apologize for the delay. 

What's new in the course? Based on learner feedback, the course was redesigned to better reflect multicultural perspectives, describe the effects of historic oppression, provide awareness of intersectionality and how people from different cultures can have very different perspectives about history. There is also a more in-depth look at the mental patients' liberation movement and the way the strong advocacy of this movement created opportunities that were alternatives to the mental health system, such as peer-run organizations. And the peer run organizations in New York that were started during the period in the course are highlighted. There are new interviews with people who have made significant contribution to the peer support field, and each of them share the wisdom they have gained through the years. 

Once you complete The Historical Roots of the Peer Support Movement (a prerequisite) you will now also be able to register for and take Peer Delivered Service Models. 

Thank you for your patience. We hope you enjoy the revised course. 

Rita Cronise, Instructional Designer,

Academy of Peer Services


A Few Quick Updates: 

Over 100 peer specialist jobs are now posted in our job bank. The OMH's RAC  is on February 11. NYAPRS Legislative Day is on February 26. Details on these and many more upcoming events are posted on the Virtual Learning Community website.

We post job opening and statewide and regional announcements on the VLC website as they come in so check back often for the latest updates. The deadline for the next Virtual Learning Community newsletter is Friday, February 1.