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2 weeks to End of Term

2 weeks to End of Term

by Varsha Kamat -
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This is a gentle reminder that Term 2 ends on Friday, July 19, at 5 PM. Wrap up the courses you are working on for this term. The Academy will be closed for scheduled course updates until the start of Term 3 on August 26. 

If you did not get a passing score on a test in Term 2, you will have two more attempts to pass the test again when Term 3 opens on August 26. 

 Important: Do not create more than one user account!

 Per the Academy of Services policy, there is a limit of one account per user. The reason is to provide everyone a fair and equal opportunity to complete courses. Accessing courses and completing tests from multiple accounts may invalidate your post-test results. Note, your APS account can be used on multiple computers using your single username and password. If you have completed post-tests using multiple accounts you will be responsible for tracking your own certificates. Accounts cannot be merged. Under this policy, APS cannot be responsible for inaccurate reporting of completed courses if you have used more than one account to take courses and post-tests.


If you change your name or your email address, think you may have accidentally created more than one user account, or have other questions about Academy courses, review our frequently asked questions list (FAQ) or contact our User Support staff at the following email address:

 Questions about certification should be addressed to the New York Peer Specialist Certification Board. Their website and contact information can be found at:

Have a productive two weeks!

~ Academy of Peer Services Team

 ============== A brief message from the APS Virtual Community ==============

 A few things to look forward to from the Academy Virtual Community this month:

  • Tuesday, July 9 – APS Virtual Community Networking Meeting. We will discuss Patricia Deegan’s speech, Recovery and the Conspiracy of Hope. To subscribe to the mailing list, click here.

  • Thursday, July 18 – Behind the Scenes at the Academy of Peer Services and the NY Peer Specialist Certification Board, lunchtime session at the New York City Conference for Working Peer Specialist. For a conference program, click here. To register, click here.

  • Friday, July 28 – Faces and Places of Peer Support Series Webinar on a Needs Based Toolkit for Workforce Integration by Aviva Cohen, Coordinator of the NYC Peer and Community Health Worker Workforce Consortium. To register, click here.

Recordings of recent webinars hosted by or in partnership with the Academy Virtual Community:

  • Wellness for Personal and Professional Practice with Peggy Swarbrick. 
    To access presentation slides or view the recordingclick here.

  • Faces and Places of Peer Support Series: What is the Peer Support Model?  With Kirsten Vincent with Housing Options Made Easy. To access the slides or view the recording, click here.

  • Supporting Financial Wellness with Oscar Jimenez-Solomon. 
    To access the slides or view the recording, click here.

  • Faces and Places of Peer Support Series: What is the Independent Practice Association? with Joseph Swinford, executive director of the Wellness Collaborative of New York – Independent Practice Association (WCNY-IPA). To access the slides or view the recording, click here.

Other APS Virtual Community Resources (Updated Regularly):

If you are in the market for a job as a peer specialist or supervisor, check our Job Bank. Or if you’re looking for upcoming events, check our CalendarThe Virtual Community website is updated frequently so send job openings, announcements or news to share to:

For example, we just received a press release this morning (through our peer network) that the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform is holding a hearing on Thursday morning. Trauma Survivors and Experts will testify in Washington, DC. It is posted in our Calendar or to learn more, click here. To view the live telecast, click here

  Have a happy, healthy, hope filled and fun summer!

Rita Cronise, Coordinator, Virtual Community