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Term 1, 2020 Opens at Noon on Monday, January 6

Term 1, 2020 Opens at Noon on Monday, January 6

by Varsha Kamat -
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Term 1, 2020 Opens at Noon on Monday, January 6

 Dear APS Learners,

Welcome back to the Academy of Peer Services! We hope you’ve enjoyed the winter break and are ready to get started again.

Please review the following important announcements before registering for this term’s courses.

1) The APS Terms of Use have been updated.

Whether you are a learner yourself or a supporter of someone seeking certification through the courses and tests in the Academy of Peer Services, your use of the Academy is a privilege that carries obligations and responsibilities for upholding the integrity of the learning environment and safeguarding the credibility of the Peer Specialist certification.

Any use of the Academy is automatically subject to the Terms of Use, which have been updated for this term. To read the Terms of Use, click here.

If you have forgotten your password or need to make a change to your account, contact our user support team for assistance. If you are helping someone with the Academy do not advise them to create additional accounts. Doing so is in direct violation of our Terms of Use.

2) The existing course navigation and post-tests have been updated.

If you are a returning learner, the navigation for all of the courses will look a little different, with new  < PREV     NEXT>  icons at the very bottom of the screen and a “RESUME” icon that returns the course to the point where you left off if you need to exit midway through to take a break. The updates address known technical issues with the earlier “Bookmarking” feature.

In some browsers, you may need to scroll down slightly to see the new navigation buttons, which look like this:  < PREV     NEXT>

The post-tests have also been changed for this term. If you do not pass a post-test on your first try, the 2nd attempt will now be a different test than the first. The changes have been implemented to preserve the ongoing integrity of the learning environment, post-tests, and ultimately the Peer Specialist certification.

3) New Elective Delayed

One new Elective course, Transforming Lives through the Arts, is in Beta review and will be available soon after the start of the term. Please stay tuned for an announcement that the course is open for enrollment.

To view the full Winter 2020 Course Catalog, click here.

More opportunities for continuing education will be coming soon.

4) Registering for courses this Term

When you first log in, you will need to use the dashboard to re-register for any course you did not complete last term. If you attempted unsuccessfully to pass the post-test for any course last term, you will again have two attempts to pass the post-test for each course this term.  

·       For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about the Academy of Peer Services, click here.

·       For the online User Guide and video tutorials, click here.

·       To subscribe to the APS Virtual Community (free) email list, click here.

If you need assistance with anything related to the Academy of Peer Services, such as registering for or accessing the courses in the Academy of Peer Services, send email to Maryam, our user support specialist:

Note: The Academy of Peer Services is a separate entity from the New York Peer Specialist Certification Board. For certification-related questions, send email to the Certification Board at:


Happy New Year!

Again, welcome back! We hope you have a productive new year and find this next part of your learning journey with us to be rewarding.

Academy of Peer Services Team