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Announcing APS Summer Session

Announcing APS Summer Session

by APS Academy of Peer Services -
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 Dear Academy of Peer Services Learners,

The core and elective courses are closed for regularly scheduled updates; however, a limited number of APS CE courses are open for continuing education credit that is approved by the New York Peer Specialist Certification Board:

 ·       Building Financial Hope: Guidance for Social Security Administration (SSA) Recipients, Providers, and Supporters

·       Supporting Older Adults Part 1: Honoring Their Strengths

·       Supporting Older Adults Part 2: Life Transitions

·       Supporting Older Adults Part 3: Our Elders Speak

·       Peer Workforce Integration (An Introduction): A Needs-Based Toolkit to Advance Organizational Readiness

·       Peer Workforce Integration Series – Session 1: Getting the Conversation Started

·       Peer Workforce Integration Series – Session 2: Building a Plan

·       Peer Workforce Integration Series – Session 3: Keeping the Action Active (coming soon)

·       Peer Workforce Integration Series – Session 4: Evaluating the Implementation (coming soon)


Descriptions for each of these courses can be found in the Summer Session Catalog (see the heading of the Academy of Peer Services homepage).

 Term 3, 2020

 The full schedule of core, elective, and supervision courses will resume at the start of Term 3 at noon on August 17, 2020.

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