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Important Information / Reminder (Term 3, 2020)

Important Information / Reminder (Term 3, 2020)

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Dear APS Learners,

We are now into the second week of Term 3 and hope you’ve had a smooth start or return to courses. We have a few important reminders for everyone.

If you are just getting started

When you first log in, you will need to use the dashboard to re-register for any course you did not complete last term. If you attempted unsuccessfully to pass the post-test for any course last term, you will again have two attempts to pass the post-test for each course this term.  

·               For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about the Academy of Peer Services,  click here.

·               For the online User Guide and video tutorials,   click here.

·               To subscribe to the APS Virtual Community (free) email list,  click here .

Do Not Create More Than One Account

Whether you are a learner yourself or a supporter of someone seeking certification through the courses and tests in the Academy of Peer Services, your use of the Academy is a privilege that carries obligations and responsibilities for upholding the integrity of the learning environment and safeguarding the credibility of the Peer Specialist certification.

Because we are seeing a number of people creating more than one account, we wanted to remind you about the Terms of Use policy.

Section III. Accounts

I will create and use only one account. APS policy prohibits the creation of multiple accounts using different names or email addresses to establish those accounts.

·        I will contact APS User Support if I need to change my legal name, address, or email address on the account.

·        I will contact APS User Support for assistance to regain access to my account if I forget my username and password.

I will not seek help from others (peer, professional, trainer, facilitator, family member, or others) to create additional accounts. If someone informs me I need to create a new account because I’ve changed my name or email address or forgotten my password, I will provide these Terms of Use to educate them about acceptable use of the APS.

I will not attempt to bypass security protocols to establish an APS account.

Note: Multiple accounts assigned to a single person will be investigated for signs of fraudulent activity and, if found, reported to the Certification Board. In cases where no fraud is found, the additional accounts will be deleted and the learner responsible for maintaining their own certificates of completion.

If you have forgotten your password or need to make a change to your account, contact our user support team for assistance. If you are helping someone with the Academy do not advise them to create additional accounts. Doing so is in direct violation of our Terms of Use. Our user support team is available by email during business hours:

Terms of Use Reminder

Don’t remember reading our Terms of Use? When you enrolled in the Academy, you checked a box: “By clicking on register, you agree with our Usage Terms.”

If you don’t recall or want a reminder, click here to review the full Terms of Use.

The New York Peer Specialist Certification Board

Note: The Academy of Peer Services provides certificates for completed online courses but it is a separate entity from the New York Peer Specialist Certification Board (NYPSCB), which is the final authority on the New York Certified Peer Specialist certification. You will apply to the NYPSCB for a certification, which requires evidence of completed coursework as well as additional requirements that are specific to the level of certification for which you are applying.

For certification-related questions, send email to the NYPSCB at:

Academy of Peer Services User Support

If you need assistance with anything related to the Academy of Peer Services, such as registering for or accessing the courses, or need technical assistance with the Academy of Peer Services, send email to Maryam, our user support specialist:

The APS Team