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Academy and Virtual Community News: 6 weeks left in APS Term 3

Academy and Virtual Community News: 6 weeks left in APS Term 3

by APS Academy of Peer Services -
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Dear Academy Learners,
We are in the last six weeks of Term 3. We hope you are on target to meet your learning goals and objectives for 2020. 
Remember, the Academy closes for scheduled updates on November 23, 2020 and remains closed until early January of 2021 so be sure to plan your course completions accordingly. 

APS Virtual Community News:
Thursday, October 15 marks the 6th Annual Global Peer Support Celebration Day. A flyer is attached. 
Registration for the New York Peer Specialist Certification Board Conference is now open. Registration is free of charge. The flyer contains more information. 
The Community News Brief (also attached) contains much more information about Blogs and Events for this coming week. 

Wishing you the best in your learning journey and time to enjoy the fall season too.
All the best,
Rita Cronise, APS Virtual Learning Coordinator

This is an informational message from the Academy of Peer Services and the Virtual Learning Community, to provide news and new opportunities for the APS learning community.