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Announcing a New APS CE Course!

Announcing a New APS CE Course!

by APS Academy of Peer Services -
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Dear Academy Learners,

 Today we are launching the next offering in our APS Continuing Education (CE) series, Supervising from Home Part 1. This 1.5 hour APS CE is based on a previously broadcasted NYAPRS webinar featuring Ruth Colón-Wager, Paul Margolies, and Helle Thorning. You can register for this course through the APS Dashboard now!

 Gentle Reminder: Five weeks remain in Term 3. The time will fly by quickly so we hope you are on target to meet your learning goals and objectives for 2020. The Core courses will close for scheduled updates on November 23, 2020 and will remain closed until early January of 2021. All APS CE Courses will remain open, but the Core courses are required for certification and will not be offered again until January, so plan your course completions accordingly.

 APS Virtual Community News Updates: Registration is open for the 4th Annual New York Peer Specialist Certification Board Conference: From Surviving to Thriving: Promoting Recovery Through Peer Support. The dates for this four-day virtual conference are November 9th, 12th, 17th & 19th (10 am – 3 pm).  Registration is free of charge. To register for the conference, click here.

 Center of Healing Discussion and Survey – Special Request from OMH

 If you live or work in New York State, we are very interested in your thoughts about what contributes to a sense of healing, and what programs in New York can do to support healing in today's world.  If you are a peer support specialist or service provider, please make sure to bring this survey to the attention of those you serve (as well as answer it yourself).

 The Office of Mental Health’s Office of Consumer Affairs, in collaboration with  the Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS), invites you to participate in a survey to help us understand how best to support New Yorkers in the process of healing.

 The NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH) Office of Consumer Affairs Training and Technical Assistance Huddle is a group of individuals from different training organizations funded by the Office of Mental Health that seeks to learn how systems of care can best respond to current events. The goal is to collaborate to provide training and technical assistance and resources that support people in ways that they find most healing.

We invite you to participate in a survey that will inform how we work toward our goal. So much has happened in the world since the beginning of 2020. Most of us can identify with a need for healing at the personal, community, state, national and global level. Take a moment to imagine:

What if New York was the Center of Healing for the World? 

We asked participants at a recent OMH Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) meeting to consider this question and discuss what our systems of care can do to create a greater sense of healing in today’s world. Many of their ideas were incorporated into the survey, and your answers to the questions will help us to discover what people who live or work in New York State find most healing and most helpful for systems of care to consider in their service delivery and quality improvement efforts. 

Whether you are a current or former recipient of services, a family member, a provider of services, a peer specialist or advocate, trainer, researcher, administrator, coordinator, or otherwise involved in systems of care, take the survey and let us know what helps and what gets in the way of creating a greater sense of healing in the world today.

Take the Center of Healing Survey:

Please respond by 5 PM Friday, November 13th. 

Participation is voluntary and your responses will be anonymous unless otherwise specified.  The data from the survey will be shared with OMH and OASAS leadership and members of the training huddle.   The goal is to provide training and technical assistance and resources that support people in ways that they find most healing.

 Who are we? 

We have members from the OMH Office of Consumer Affairs; Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS); Academy of Peer Services (APS) at Rutgers University; Center for Practice Innovations (CPI) at Columbia Psychiatry, New York State Psychiatric Institute; Community Technical Assistance Center of New York (CTAC) and Managed Care Technical Assistance Center of New York (MCTAC) at New York University; Mental Health Empowerment Project (MHEP); New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (NYAPRS); Families Together in New York State and Youth Power; and The Coalition for Behavioral Health in New York City.

 Thank you for responding to our survey. 

 Amanda Saake, LMSW, CPRP, NYCPS-P

Special Assistant to the Commissioner

Director of Office of Consumer Affairs


Office of Mental Health

44 Holland Avenue, Albany, NY, 12229

(518) 473-6579 |

 More News and Updates

The Community News Brief (attached) contains more Events for this coming week. 

 Wishing you the best in your learning journey and time to enjoy the fall season too.

All the best,

The APS Team

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