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Final Two Weeks in Term 1, 2021

Final Two Weeks in Term 1, 2021

by APS Academy of Peer Services -
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Dear Academy Learners,

We are now in the last two weeks of our 12-week term ending at 5:00 pm on Monday, March 29, 2021. If you are working toward the New York Peer Specialist Certification or renewal, please manage your time accordingly. Course posttests and evaluations for the Core and Elective courses must be completed prior to the end of the term. Our Continuing Education (CE) courses will remain open during the regularly scheduled maintenance period. Here is the 2021 Academy of Peer Services Calendar:

  • Term 1 Open 1/4/21 Close 3/29/21
  • Term 2 Open 5/3/21 Close 7/26/21
  • Term 3 Open 9/3/21 Close 11/29/21

To learn more about the latest CE offerings, as well as all of the courses that are available through the Academy until the term break, visit our Course Catalog.

The newest CE offering, LGBTQIA+ Community and Intersectionality. is available today.

Selected Events in the Community:

WRAP and Talking About Tobacco

This Thursday, March 18, the Academy’s Virtual Learning Community (VLC) will host the second in a series of webinars on peer support workers and the importance of Talking About Tobacco. This month’s webinar focuses on WRAP® as a tool for exploring wellness, including the impact tobacco use has on wellness. The presenters for this webinar are Gina Calhoun, Chacku Mathai, and Rita Cronise – with a welcome from Amanda Saake, Susan Friedlander, and Regina Shoen. Join us on Thursday, March 18, 3:00 – 4:30 pm. | Register

For more information about previous webinars that have been offered through the VLC, click here.

New York State OMH Regional Advisory Committee (RAC)

Next Monday, March 22, from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, the Office of Mental Health will hold the RAC meeting for recipients and family members. For an agenda, click here.  To register, click here.

More Events: Visit our Virtual Community Calendar, Community News & Job Announcements

The Virtual Learning Community Calendar contains daily training events, webinars, town meetings and more – updated regularly. For the Community Calendar, click here.

Community News is a monthly newsletter that is available on the Virtual Learning Community website. To view the latest Newsletter, click here.

Job openings submitted by employers and a monthly report of current job openings from the major job search companies sorted by job title, location, and employer (courtesy Curtis Dann-Messier and the New York City Peer and Community Health Worker Workforce Consortium) is available on the Virtual Community Website. For the Job Bank, click here.

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To keep email traffic low, this Academy of Peer Services Listserv (where you are receiving this message) is dedicated to Academy course-related notifications. We periodically include information about events or meetings that are happening in the community, but we maintain a separate email list and website called the Virtual Learning Community for these more frequent community-related announcements and events. If you want to stay informed of what is happening in the community, you can “opt in” to the free Virtual Learning Community email list. To join that list: click here.

Thank you for your continued participation in the Academy and our Virtual Learning Community. We wish you a productive remainder of the term. Stay safe and visit us often!  

The APS Team 

This is an informational message from the Academy of Peer Services and the APS Virtual Learning Community, to provide news and new opportunities for the APS learning community.