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Term 1 closes today

Term 1 closes today

by APS Academy of Peer Services -
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Dear Academy Learners, 

Term 1 ends today, Monday, March 29. Course posttests and evaluations for the Core and Elective courses must be completed by 5:00 pm today. The next opportunity to take Core and Elective courses will be on May 3, 2021. Continuing Education (CE) courses will remain open during the regularly scheduled maintenance period. A Spring Term course catalog will be posted later today. 

 2021 Academy of Peer Services Calendar: 

  • Term 1 Open 1/4/21 Close 3/29/21 

  • Term 2 Open 5/3/21 Close 7/26/21 

  • Term 3 Open 9/3/21 Close 11/29/21 

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