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New CE Courses Launched and April 16 News Update

New CE Courses Launched and April 16 News Update

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Welcome to Community News Update

This is an abbreviated listing of upcoming events, support activities, and job openings for the peer support workforce.

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A few highlights below. 


Spring Session –Update

Dear Academy Learners,

During the break between terms, the Core and Elective courses are closed for scheduled maintenance. However, our continuing education (CE) courses remain open for you to take for credit.

The newest APS CE courses (launched this week) are An Introduction to the Peer Model Part 1: Peer Support Values and Practices; and Part 2: The Power of Peer Support. These new CE courses feature Lori Ashcraft, Martha Barbone and Rita Cronise - and they provide a basic introduction to Peer Support services and practices, which, as a peer support specialist you can use to reflect on what you’ve learned so far and you can also share these courses with your supervisor, colleagues, and others who are curious and want to learn more about what peer support is about. The course video was recorded in a class for providers on March 5, 2021.

Other recently launched continuing education (CE) courses include:

  •   Becoming an Anti-Racist Organization

  • Introduction to Behavioral Health Equity

  • Justice Peers in NYC: A Community Meeting

  • LGBTQIA+ Community and Intersectionality

  • Racism: A Public Mental Health Crisis

  • Racism in Mental Health in NYC

  • The Role Organizational Self-Assessment Plays in Reducing Disparities

  • Talking About Tobacco Part 1: A New Conversation About Tobacco Use and Peer Support

The CE course, Talking About Tobacco Part 2: An Orientation to the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®), will be available soon after the start of Term 2.

For an updated catalog of  Spring Session CE courses, click here.

The full Course Catalog of over 70 core, elective, and continuing education courses will be available at the start of Term 2 at noon on May 3, 2021.

Virtual Tele-Peer Support Survey Closing Soon

The survey will be closing over the weekend. If you haven’t already done so, take our survey of Virtual Tele-Peer Support. Please share it with others who have been providing peer support or supervision using technology.


Please note: Events in our Community Calendar and Newsletters are provided as a public service for our learners and the peer community. For information about whether an event is eligible for continuing education credit for a specific professional association, certification, or certification board, please ask the event organizer directly.

Please view our April 16 Community News Update for upcoming events.


Job Openings and Open Jobs Reports are provided as a public service for our learners and the peer support community. For more information about a specific job, please contact the employer directly.

Open Jobs Report

Visit our Open Jobs report page for the March/April listings of openings in the state as reported to multiple employment agencies. The reports are sorted by location, job title, and employer to allow you to quickly find openings that are most relevant to your search. Starting this month (April) the Open Jobs report will now be provided every other week by Curtis Dann-Messier, Director of the New York City Peer and Community Health Worker Workforce Consortium. 

Job Bank

The Virtual Community Job Bank lists positions that have been submitted directly to us by employers who are looking for qualified peer candidates. These are updated regularly, so visit the Job Seekers page to see the most up to date listings. Jobs in the Job Bank are listed in order of submission. Most recent jobs are listed at the top.

To view the full Job Bank on our website, visit:

If you have an opening to share or find these open jobs reports helpful, let us know. If you can think of anything else to add, send email to


If you have questions related to the Academy of Peer Services online courses, contact our User Support Specialist, Maryam: 


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 Thank you. Enjoy the Spring!
~Rita Cronise, Coordinator, APS Virtual Learning Community
and the whole APS Team!

This is an informational message from the Academy of Peer Services (APS) and the APS Virtual Learning Community, to provide news, job announcements, and other opportunities for the peer support workforce in New York State.

(Edited by Varsha Kamat - original submission Friday, April 16, 2021, 10:22 PM)

(Edited by Varsha Kamat - original submission Friday, April 16, 2021, 10:22 PM)